Air Navigation Solutions
Brand Strategy and Repositioning


Air Navigation Solutions delivers air traffic control solutions and engineering services at some of the world’s busiest airports. Their focus on innovation and a drive for change in the industry led them to revisit their brand so that it reflected their position as a leader in their field. We worked closely with the executive team to evolve the brand and reposition it as a world-leading organisation with a mantra of ‘A catalyst for change’.

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We conducted individual meetings with the Senior Management Team to understand what ANSL meant to them and then used this to articulate the overarching values and tone of voice.

In order to present a professional, consistent brand, we created comprehensive brand guidelines.

Bellman’s role throughout has been to work closely with ANSL as a strategic and creative partner. By understanding and articulating the organisation’s vision and values, we have created a solid foundation from which to build the business.

The brand refresh has proved a success both internally and externally – so much so that the parent, DFS Group, is planning to use this as a template for its own rebrand initiative.

Air Navigation Solutions
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